Our Station

Our Station

This week 21/22 Dec Thurs & Fri our xmas broadcast continues , betwen 9 and 6 pm please stop by and check out our raffle , all money raised goes to help keep us on air. A Big Thank you. ...... Thanks for stopping by and taking a closer look at us. Heres a little potted history for those of you that are interested. We began broadcasting back in 1973 from studios at the old geriatric hospital at Bryntyrion , we've come a long way since then its fair to say but not without the help of the many wonderful volunteers who have given their time so generously over the years. Prince Philip opened this place back in 1993 and we've been proud to have played a part in the amazing success stories that happen here everyday.


Enjoy !

Don’t forget we are always on the look out for more volunteers so please do get in touch if you are interested in helping us as a volunteer member.

Contact  dave@radiobgm.org.uk